Accolades and Endorsements

“Lanore demonstrated her talent in coaching me when I started my job search after my MBA program. As a middle manager came with rich professional experience in an different country, I had so many questions in understanding the unique issues in job searching in US. Fortunately I had Lanore around, who was my classmate at the MBA program, who coached me in reducing my pronunciation accent, writing resume and cover letters and practicing interview skills. She held such free coaching sessions in her home to her classmates, both local and international. Several weeks’ intensive coaching and interview practicing lent a great deal for me and others in successfully landing satisfactory jobs in US. I fully endorse her competence as a professional coach in assisting people in better achieving their career and personal goals.” – David L.

I was at a low point in my life and came to the realization I had to change. I had  some significant challenges to deal with.  I knew I had to transition my thinking.

In working with Lanore Larson, we were able to define a development strategy and action plan that served to revolutionize my life. She worked with me to help me more effectively manage the inevitable conflicts and contentious issues personally and professionally in more measured ways. Lanore was able to provide real world guidance which helped me see practical ideas and solutions. Being able to discuss with Lanore the implementation challenges as they unfolded was invaluable and has contributed to the quality of our plan results and my personal development.

Lanore invested the time and sensitivity to customize an approach according to my style and needs. Through one-on-one consultations, Lanore gave me manifold insights and constructive suggestions for improvement. She enabled and empowered me to focus on the most important and re-occurring issues of my life in a safe and constructive way.

I would recommend Lanore Larson for similar services to other individuals facing similar challenges. The timing, style, and focus of Lanore’s feedback and advice has made all the difference and  been very valuable to me. – A. S.